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Sailing Instructions - By-Laws - 2014/2015 (subject to review)

  All races will be sailed under the I.S.A.F.'s Racing Rules of Sailing' (RRS), the Prescription and special regulation of the A.Y.F. and the appropriate sailing association class rules or as modified by these sailing instructions.


To be eligible to compete:
Skippers and crew must be financial members of their respective club.
Skippers must 'sign on', complete entry details and pay race fees not later than 30 minutes prior to the start of each race or regatta during the season. At the completion of; or following a withdrawal from the race the yacht must be signed off as D.N.F or finished.
The owner of the vessel must have completed a club registration form and lodged it with the race secretary together with season sailing fees and shed rent where applicable.
The race committee reserves the right to allow an entry where one or more of the conditions of entry are not met prior to the third race of a vessel's season.
The race committee reserves the right to refuse an entry.
2.4 All sailors must wear P.F.D. (Personal Floatation Device) as per A.Y.F. rules.


This RISK WARNING is issued by the Taree Aquatic Club Ltd and the NSW Maritime Authority, pursuant to the Civil Liability Act 2002 to all persons wishing to participate in the sailing activities conducted by Taree Aquatic Club Ltd.

Participants are warned that, regardless of the precautions, which might be taken by reasonable and experienced persons, sailing can be a dangerous pursuit and participants are exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm and possibly death.

As an indication, these risks may include, but are not limited to:

  • The extremes of weather and sea conditions.
  • The potential that control of vessels may be lost, resulting in collision with objects and other vessels.
  • The sudden movement of the vessel at any time and the possibility that participants may fall or be thrown overboard, resulting in drowning.
  • The possibility that participants may be injured by equipment on the vessel.
  • The absence of immediate medical care and the likelihood that significant delays may occur before medical care is available.
  • Exposure to the elements for extended periods.

Taree Aquatic Club Ltd and the NSW Maritime Authority also warn participants that regardless of their best intentions, they may be unable to render assistance to participants who are in distress. Participants are warned to consider the above risks and all other risks before deciding to participate in any sailing event with Taree Aquatic Club Ltd. Participants are also advised that although Taree Aquatic Club Ltd. is covered by third party liability insurance, this cover DOES NOT extend to participants. Any participant who considers they have a need for insurance must make their own private arrangements with an insurer. A personal accident insurance policy is available with subscription to membership of Yachting NSW.

3.2 All those persons taking part in any race conducted by the Taree Aquatic Club Ltd do so at their own risk. The Taree Aquatic Club Ltd is not responsible for the sea worthiness of a yacht or the actions of a competing yacht's skipper or crew.
3.3 Attention is drawn to the fundamental RRS rule: 'A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing'.

4.1 The owner shall nominate a skipper and crew at the start of the season on the club registration form.
4.2 The nominated crew may substitute for the skipper in his absence without a change to the vessel's handicap.
4.2a In the interest of providing race experience for developing sailors, the nominated skipper & crew can exchange positions for a particular race or races in the pointscore series, & the points awarded will accrue to the vessel as usual.
4.2b Two members of the nominated crew will have a separate handicap calculated under the normal provisions of section 22. The current handicap of the skipper in that particular race will be applied.
4.3 Individuals not nominated and/or not financial members of the T.A.C. Ltd. may sail a vessel as skipper or crew for a maximum of three point score races.
4.4 Where a 'non-crew' member substitutes for the skipper the handicapper is entitled to start the boat off 'scratch'.
4.5 Division Three skippers & crews will be required to perform roster duty under rule 29 throughout the season.

5.1 Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted no later than 60 minutes prior to the first race to which they apply. Such changes will be displayed on a notice board in the vicinity of each rigging area of a scheduled race and attention brought to them by a notice on the sign on sheet and if a briefing called, at that briefing.

6.1 A briefing may be called at the race committee's discretion not later than 30 minutes before the start. Briefings may be announced over the public address system.

7.1 .The first three pointscore races of the season will consist of a Division One, Two & Three. From this a guide will be set for classes & divisions for the remaining season. Yachts not having the correct numbers to form a class shall remain in one of the Divisions. To constitute a class the following conditions 7.1a & 7.1b must be met.


Five of the same yachts will constitute a class for all major events such as Club Championships, Annual Pointscore & selected regattas as determined by the committee.
7.1b Yachts must compete in 50% of the seasons point score races to be eligible for the Club Championship.
7.2 Trophies presented for Club Championship and Handicap pointscore will be decided as follows.
7.2a If five or a greater number of yachts sail as a class trophies will be presented to third place inclusive.
7.2b This may be varied at the committee's discretion.
7.2c Additional trophies may be awarded at the committee's discretion.


VS's, MG's, NS's, Flying 11's, MJ's, Sabots, etc. - flags with class insignia

  Trailer Yachts - code flag 'T'
  Division One - code flag '1' (one)
  Division Two - code flag '2' (two)
  Division Three - code flag '3' (three)

9.1 Refer to Appendix A 'Sailing Program' for dates, venues and event description. Scratch races sailed at Taree will start no earlier than 1.45 pm for Trailer Yachts, 1.00 pm for Division One & 2.00 pm for Division Two & Three. Handicap races sailed at Taree the limit boat or boats will start no earlier than 2.00 pm.

10.1 Signals made ashore will be made from the balcony at the S-W end of the Taree Aquatic Clubhouse.
10.2 Code flag 'AP' (Answering Pendent) with two sound signals (one when lowered) means the race is postponed. The warning signal will be made not less than 5 minutes after the 'AP' has been lowered.

11.1 See Appendix B for detail of courses to be sailed at Taree. Course number to be sailed will be displayed from the balcony of the Taree Aquatic Clubhouse. Courses sailed at other venues will be outlined at briefings.

  Division Two, Three & Trailer Yacht course marks (except 'Waterways' marks) will be buoys topped with a white flag & a black capital " T ". Division One course marks (except 'Waterways' marks) will be buoys topped with a yellow flag & the sabot class insignia.

13.1a Races will be started as follows. This changes RRS rule 26.1.
Class or Division flag hoisted with one blast of the horn signals five minutes. Preparatory code flag 'P' hoisted with one blast of the horn signals four minutes. Preparatory flag removed with one long blast of the horn signals one minute. Class or Division flag removed one blast of the horn signals the start of the race. Times shall be taken from the visual signals. The failure of a sound signal shall be disregarded.
13.1b The starting line will be between a fluoro pink buoy with a black & white checked flag and the flagstaff on the starters launch.
13.1c A 'barging buoy' may be used at the discretion of the committee. This buoy will be fluoro pink with a black & white checked flag and will be positioned at the starboard end of the starting line. When used vessels must pass between this buoy and the one at the port end of the line to successfully start.
13.1d There will be no boat starts unless three committee boats are available.
13.1e The Race Committee will not start Division One or Two unless thare are two committee boats available.
13.2a The starting line will be between two fluoro pink buoys topped with black and white checked pennants.
13.2b Flag & sound signals shall be the same as for the 'boat' start.
13.3 A yacht shall not start later than 10 minutes after her starting signal.
13.4 Handicap starts will be indicated by a 'minute' display that will begin to count back.A warning signal shall be sounded at five minutes prior to the start of the limit boat. When a vessel's handicap is displayed, the vessel may start.

  Individual recall as per R.R.S. 29.2.
  General recall as per R.R.S. 29.3.

  Will be in accordance with I.S.A.F.'s Racing Rules of Sailing R.R.S. rule 32, 32.1 & 32.2

  Change of course will be as follows, this changes R.R.S. rule 33:
  Code flag 'C' will be placed on a mark of the course to indicate that yachts will proceed directly to finish line.

  The finish line will be between fluoro pink buoys topped with black and white checked pennants. At Taree vessels time will be taken when the vessel crosses between the outer pink buoy topped with black and white checked pennant and the red and yellow clex on the Taree Aquatic Clubhouse.

18.1 The time limit for racing will be three hours. For 'handicap start' races, race time will begin at the start time of the first vessel to start. Vessel's finishing after the time limit will be scored 'Did Not Finish'. This changes R.R.S. rule 35.
18.2 A yacht making an obvious attempt to complete the course in the allocated time limit, may at the discretion of the sailing committee, be deemed finished at the completion of the expired time limit. Placing points and handicaps will be allocated.

  The race committee shall comprise the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Race Secretary, Handicapper, Starter and Judge.

20.1 Protests shall be written on forms available from the committee room in the clubhouse for races sailed at Taree or from the race secretary for races sailed elsewhere.
20.2 Protests must be lodged with a fee of $10 per Senior or $5 per Junior within one hour after the time of the last yacht's finish.
20.3 Protests will be heard at a time and a place determined by the race committee. The protest committee shall be appointed by the race committee.
20.4 These instructions should be read in conjunction with R.R.S. rules 60, 61 and 62 under section A - Protests.

21.1 Trailer Yachts: The Bonus Point Scoring System, Appendix A of the R.R.S. rules will apply to all events.
21.2 Constituted Classes: The Bonus Point Scoring System, Appendix A of the R.R.S. rules will apply to the Club Championship. The Annual Point Score will be scored as follows: First - 50, Second - 46, Third - 42, Fourth -39, Fifth - 36, Sixth - 34, Seventh - 32, Eighth - 30, Ninth - 28, Tenth - 26, Eleventh -24,Twelth -22, Thirteenth -20, Fourteenth - 18, Fifteenth - 17, Sixteenth - 16, and so on D.N.F. - 1.



All Classes
Previous handicaps will be carried into the forthcoming season.
22.2 New Yachts will be awarded a handicap after sailing three races of the current season's program. However the handicapper may determine a provisional handicap before this time.

Time penalties shall be:
* First - 5 minutes
* Second - 3 minutes
* Third - 2 minutes
* Fourth - 1 minute.

22.4 The handicap limit shall be 35 minutes.
22.5 Applications to review a yacht's handicap may only be made by owners or skippers by writing to the sailing committee.

23. FEES

See Appendix C for Registration Fees

  Only yachts entered on the date of the first knockout race will be entered. The knockout series will be contested for each division.

25.1 Yachts entering in the Club Championships series must do so by entering the skippers and crews name in the appropriate place on the 'Championship Entry Form' provided in the clubhouse prior to the first heat. The sailing committee 'may' accept late nominations.
25.2 Except as provided for in 25.3 the skipper so nominated for the Club Championships shall skipper the yacht for all heats of the series.
25.3 In the absence of the nominated skipper one of the nominated crew may skipper the yacht. (In this case care should be taken to ensure that the handicap section results, held in conjunction, are not jeopardized.)
25.3a Trailer Yachts may only have two of the original signed on crew skipper the yacht.
25.4 All yachts that have entered in the Club Championships, must fullfil all responsibilities of nomination and entry of any race that is held in conjunction with Club Championship.

  The Annual Point Score series shall be sailed over a total number of races designated as Point Score races on the program. The placing of each yacht shall be determined by the application of the handicap times allotted to each yacht to her elapsed time for each race in which she finishes. The race committee may alter the number of designated heats. Any yacht attending and competing in any approved regatta sanctioned by the sailing committee will be awarded average points and penalties applicable to any Point Score race held in their absence. The points shall be awarded on and for the applicable day. To receive Average Point's competitors must apply in writing to the Handicapper. Average points shall only apply for one Club Championship scratch result. Three heats of the total series will be dropped from the Annual Point Score.

  Abuse and other unsportsman like actions directed towards race officials by skippers and crews will result in penalties being imposed by the committee.

  These events shall consist of several short races the number of which will be determined by the sailing committee. The following shall apply :
28.1 Number of laps will be notified at briefing but may be altered by the sailing committee dependant on conditions.
28.2 If code flag ' S ' is flown on any mark that mark shall be rounded as per normal and proceed to finish.
28.3 Fastest time placings for the day will be determined by adding the elapsed times of each yacht together to get a total elapsed time.
28.4 Handicap placings for the day will be determined by applying the yachts handicap to its total elapsed time.
28.5 Should a yacht infringe a rule of part IV Y.A a 360 degree penalty shall exonerate that yacht.
28.6 Should a yacht be disqualified in any race other completed races still count.
28.6a The elapsed time of any disqualified yacht will be deemed to be last place plus five minutes in that race.
28.7 Start time to each subsequent race shall not exceed 15 minutes from finish time of the first yacht across the line of the previous race. This may be altered at the sailing committees discretion.

29.1 All crews must participate in Duty Crew & Junior Training. Two crews may have to be rostered for a race.
29.2 There will be no Duty Crew on special events such as Manning Point & Great Lakes weekends.
29.3 Duty Crew for Club Championship races will be allocated to limit handicap crews. The Duty Crew will receive average points of their series.
29.4 Standard average points of the season's total participating fleet will be awarded for Duty Crew (25 points).
29.5 All crew must attend duty to receive average points. If part of a crew attends you will receive no points (0 points). If no crew attends you will have average points deducted from your pointscore (-25 points).
29.6 You may change your Duty Crew with other crews for personal reasons but must notify the race committee in writing
29.7 Duties to be fulfilled & assist with
- Assist to get rescue boat ready
- Assist with junior training from 12.15
- Assist to lay course & rescue boat duties
- Assist with starts, finishes, handicap & pointscore boards
- Assist with rescue boat retrieval & clean boat
- Assist locking up boat shed (check showers, change rooms, taps off, lights off etc)
- Assist with barbeques

30.1 Onshore tuition from 12.15 pm - 12.45 pm by senior members.
30.2 On water tuition & course racing from 12.45 pm - 1.45 pm
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